Underwater Services in Malta

A ship owner is principally interested on the potential savings associated with a clean hull and smooth propeller. Anti-fouling paints offer protection against marine growth which lead to increased resistance requiring additional power (fuel) to maintain the same speed. The greater time spent at sea, the less anti-fouling effectiveness.

Ship owners should intervene to arrest this process which in turn will reduce their navigational costs.

KS Shipping Malta underwater services include:

  1. Underwater Inspections
  2. Propeller Polishing
    Hull Cleaning
  3. Underwater Shell Plating Repairs
  4. Application
  5. Inspection before and after cleaning of the propeller
  6. Hydraulic propeller polishing machines
  7. Multiple grade abrasive silica and diamond discs for various cleaning stages
  8. Report documenting the process together with the detailed photographs